Indian Head Massage in Bromsgrove

Indian head massages have been practised in India for over a thousand years and are based on the Ayurvedic system of healing which works with acupressure points called Marma points.

A Marma point is a point on the body where two or more types of tissue meet like muscle, bone, ligament, joint or vein. There are over one hundred Marma points in total and twenty-five on the head and neck alone which is why stimulating these Marma points can be very beneficial.

About the Indian massage treatment

A relaxing but firm massage is given to the head, shoulders and neck areas, using firm strokes to massage and stimulate the nerves which to loosen up tight muscles and helps improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow which relaxes a tight scalp and frees muscular tension.

There are three of the major energy centres of the human body can be found in and around the head, stimulating these energy centres helps to maintain the balance of energy within the body and release the stress and toxins which have built up in the tissues, muscles and joints, healing the body both physically and emotionally.

Indian Head Massages are also great for those of you who are working at a computer desk most of the day. This effective treatment will loosen the tension in the shoulders and help relieve eye strain and headaches that you may have due to looking at a computer screen for hours on end.

What can an Indian Massage help with?

*Stress / Tension
*Symptoms of anxiety and depression
*Muscular tension (Upper body)
*Relieves sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia
*Headaches / Migraines
*General well being and deep relaxation
*Improving mental concentration
*Hair growth

Our client testimonials

I had my brows powdered with charlotte today, I absolutely love them. I would highly recommend her. She is so friendly and professional, she makes you feel comfortable but most of all she is a total perfectionist. Keep up your excellent work, can't thank you enough for my perfect sisters. See you soon. Xxx


Our client testimonials

Charlotte is fantastic. She is so friendly and professional. It was super easy to book an appointment and the salon is gorgeous. I was fortunate to have had an LVL eyelash treatment by Gemma. She is fantastic and my eyelashes look fab. Felt like I spent the hour with a friend chatting away. Will definitely book in again for any future treatments!


Our client testimonials

I only had my lips done with 1.1ml in February, can still see the results so they have lasted. She was so gentle and made me feel welcome. She also talked me through the procedure as it was my first time which put me at ease and the results were amazing I definitely would recommend and can’t wait to go back.


Our client testimonials

I love my microbladed eyebrows by Charlotte. She put me at ease and explained the process in detail. Charlotte is really lovely and you can tell how talented she is and how much she loves what she does. I would recommend Charlotte to everyone.


Our client testimonials

Really friendly welcome from Charlotte, and Gemma, who did my gel nails with great skill and care. A great cup of tea included and a lovely atmosphere, highly recommended.



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